ACCC Put on Trial For Concealing Medibank Changes in Contract Terms

Medibank brand has long been a familiar health insurance for many Australians community including Vietnam.

However, the ACCC (Agency Australian Competition and consumption) has accused the Medibank, deliberately secretive about the changes in corporate policies.



The ACCC said that Medicare fears this could damage the reputation of the brand, as well as affect the purpose of increasing profits before the private company.

Medibank had concealed information?

According to the allegations made by the ACCC launched, has also been submitted to the court, the Medibank has involved the behavior called misleading and unconscionable, by not informing the insurance buyers to know about the decision Medibank the company’s new.

Accordingly, limiting the benefits of health insurance, when they come to the diagnostic services in hospital image.

Medibank was equivocal about the costs will be covered by insurance customers to the hospital when diagnosing illness through medical imaging.

The ACCC also alleged Medibank has attempted to clear the changes listed above may damage the company’s reputation, which obviously can affect the investment plans Medibank is planned in 2014.

Medibank now has about 3.9 million customers, the ACCC said the policy of limiting the list of health insurance paid by Medibank with some services at the hospital have been in place since 2012.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims follow consumers have a right to know, to be informed of important changes to the health insurance policy of their private, particularly when these changes significantly influence it’s about money, at a time when they are facing difficulties.

ACCC vowed to take action if private health insurance does not perform publicly the terms of the contract in accordance with the Australian consumer law

What Is Medibank Reaction?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a spokesman for the Medibank confirmed that the company is committed to working for the best interests of customers and the company rejected the ACCC’s allegations, relating to the operation since 2014.

Medibank said they have cooperated fully in the investigation process with the ACCC and encourage customers to dial if there are problems or concerns.

While this service is taken to court, Medibank does not offer additional comment on the allegations mentioned above.

What Provision That ACCC Is Mentioning To?

ACCC pointed out that, once publicly Medibank customers that they sponsor the cost of diagnostic services by image, for example, X-rays, or other types of medical imaging. However, the reality is that the customer does not have to pay out of pocket.

A series of related policies also face similar problems. For example Medibank’s Basic Hospital, Mid Hospital, Standard Hospital, Top Hospital and Health Cover Ultra policies; Hospital Top 500 Top Hospital and policies.

There have been cases must own money to pay services diagnostic imaging Images (Medical Imaging).

Sydney Morning Herald quoted one client accused of Medibank, Mrs. Phyllis Dixon.

Ms. Dixon for Fairfax Media said last year she was very surprised to get a bill requires paying fees 1.500 AUD, from a company specializing in diagnostic imaging, after leaving a private hospital in Melbourne.

Currently, the ACCC has taken this issue to court and is seeking more witnesses, to demand compensation for forced Medibank overcome this problem.